A Day With My Parents

My parents and my brother helped me get through the long weekend sans my wife and children. They are off having fun in Kansas. I am in Denver hanging out with my parents without kids. It has been nearly five years since this has happened. So we made the most of it. 

The first thing I do every trip to my parent’s house is check for what is new. This time was easy because there is a friggin’ Tardis in the backyard!  A Tardis! It is a garden tools shed that I am incredibly envious of. Even the color is perfect.   

My brother and I played some N64 Super Smash Brothers in the afternoon. I was once very good at this game. I could go rounds as any character and dominate. That was long ago. I picked my old favorite, Link, and was swiftly slaughtered by low level computers. My pride was bruised, but the laughs were amazing. 

The day’s crowning achievement was a full game of Firefly. This was my first round and I am totally addicted. Wife, if you are reading this, we either need the game or we need to find babysitters so we can come to Denver and play this more often. There’s strategy, suspense, Whedonverse jokes and PvP that does not ruin relationships. And the pieces sprawl everywhere.

My dad took victory tonight. We all raced Reavers, evaded the Alliance and tried to get just one piracy card that would allow me to take a victory point from…. That is not important anymore. I couldn’t draw the card. All is well. 

The whole day was a wonderful distraction from an empty house. Let me tell you, suddenly not hearing little kid feet rumble through a house is the weirdest thing. Not having to track down gold fish crackers or refill milk cups during dinner is something I already miss. 

My brother helped build an archery target holder this morning. Should be fun for the kiddo when he gets back. I don’t think the baby will care.  

I must say though, my parents house is great. I had a great old time and all was well. I do need to talk to them about proper mirror height.  


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