Steampunk Weekend DIY

I am without the kids and wife for the majority of the weekend.  As such, I am going quite crazy.  The house is too quiet, the monitors are not humming slightly, I did not read any children’s books last night.  The whole thing, this thing called life, is out of whack.  They get home on Sunday.  And now we have stuff to do together!

This week’s list o’ fun includes tea cozies, a submarine, awesome things to do with PVC, crochet parasols and clock rings.  I’m giggling.

Here’s to the weekend!

Make PVC Look Like Wood

This is PVC!  Click the link for info on the process.


Make a Clock Ring!

With an old ring, a coin and a printer you can be right about the time twice a day.

Tea Cozies!

I think that is what these are called.  I call them hot pads, but these are tiny and shaped like tea cups.  The site is in French.  There’s a free pdf template near the bottom of the page on a link the reads Clic Clic


Soda Bottle Submarine

This is seriously fun.  Rubber bands and a pirate voice make the day.  Click the link for a bigger image.

Soda Bottle Submarine

Pretend You’re a Spider and Crochet What Appears to Be a Fairly Useless, but Neat Looking, Parasol

These look neat, but the first step is to destroy a perfectly functional umbrella.  Find a broken one, keep stuff out of landfills.  And maybe buy an umbrella that will block the sun too.  One for show, one for shade.  Learn to twirl them around together.  Like a circus act.  Could be awesome.

Learn how to crochet an umbrella

Happy weekend!

If you’d rather just read a book, The Egress and the Jupiter Cult is free right here:


Comments welcome!

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