Steampunk Tabletop Mini-Golf

It had to be done.  It had to be done.

Mini-golf is the best version of the game.  Windmills, volcano endings, the little putters that would feel so out of place on a real course; everything mini-golf is amazing.  So here’s a mini-mini-golf for the table top made steampunky.

Behold the steampunk tabletop mini-golf putter.  Practical? Nope.  Steampunk! Swing the nut from it’s perch and slam it into the ball (I am having a very difficult time writing this) and send the ball flying.

Above, the player is ready to strike.  Or swing.  It has been a long while since I’ve played golf.

Here’s the full bird’s eye view of the course.  Hazards line the path leading up to the Steampunk Windmill (which is part of a gate latch that fell off the baby’s busy board).  It has a hold up top to keep the latch in one place if the player opts to avoid the swinging metal rod as a trap.

Here’s the ball’s eye view of the course.  Beams, coils, gears and sharp things line the path the windmill.  I used a miter saw to chip the corners off the piece of wood and jigged out the little hole.  It was fun.  Lots of clamps to keep everything in place.  Next time I would prefer to cut the hole out first or use a longer board.  The piece of scrap was difficult to keep in place while cutting.  Lessons learned.

A side view of the course.  We put little holes using a 1 inch bit to cut a little away from the surface.  This provides a nice start point or reset point to keep the ball in place.

Another above board shot.  The white thing next to the windmill totally got in my shot.  Not cool inanimate object that I forgot was there until it was too late.  Not cool. 

Here’s my brother finalizing one of the traps.  He’s a coil master.


There’s the Steampunk Tabletop Mini Golf game.  When the kids get back from their long weekend trip hopefully they enjoy it.  For now, my brother and I are having all of the fun! Muehahahaha.

One strange part of the family being out of town is the ability to upload videos to YouTUbe!

Here’s the game in action as played by my brother.  One day I’ll figure out videography and then the world will be mine.  To videograph.


Comments welcome!

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