When the Family’s Away

My family hit the road this morning for a trip to eastern Kansas. I have to stay behind for work related tasks while my wife spends time with her parents and two small children for a 9 hour car ride.  Through Kansas.  With my in-laws.

The fun of a car trip cannot be duplicated.  After a number of lengthy trips earlier this summer, my wife has the art of the road trip down to a fine art.  This time around, the baby gets shiny rattles (full of Jello dyed rice! How cool is that?) the oldest has a travel binder full of coloring pages and characters and scenes and I am incredibly jealous of his little creative book.

There is a lot of country ahead of them with what should be a pretty fun pay off.  My wife is sending photos of rest stop antics and a moody baby working on his first molars.  I’m sure the radio is awful, as the drivers prefer Bob Dylan and 70s dance music.  Both had their time and place, but those are not on a cross country trip with young children.

Whoever invented the lap desk is a genius.

So they are off on an adventure.  Creating stories, forging memories and hopefully not muttering too many curse words.

My wife and I have been a paired couple for 4314 days, nearly 12 years (spreadsheet formulas are entirely too much fun!).  In that span we’ve spent maybe 10 of those days without seeing each other.  Since the firstborn came around nearly five years ago we’ve had one day apart. I’m in for a weird weekend.

Priority one; clean this house up.  It is never too messy, but I do not want them coming back to a complete mess.  It will be odd to clean up toys without a little human trailing behind me pulling them back off shelves.  Mowing the yard without a baby in the back-pack carrier? Strange.  Playing loud music over the sound of a vacuum cleaner is going to be insane!

Priority two; build stuff.  I don’t remember building anything recently that was not full of quick pauses for sword fights and cheese sticks.  I’m thinking table top mini-golf with a steampunk theme.  We’ll see what happens though.

Priority three; remember to eat.  Cooking for one.  New.  It is easy to remember when dinner time comes around when there are two very cranky children around.

Priority four; write something that will make my wife laugh.  Skipple.  That’s a funny word.  I hope she laughed.

Join me all weekend as I try to avoid a slow crawl into madness.  Sunday better come quick.  This place is too quiet.  In a house of kids, quiet means trouble.


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