Birthday Cake

The baby hits the one year mark this weekend. In my opinion, parties for a one year old are pointless exercises. With the firstborn we made a cake on first birthday and he smashed it, did not eat a single bite and frowned most of the night. 

We learned nothing from the experience and made a cake for the newbie. He loved it. If we, my wife and I, have learned anything it is that these two kiddos are polar opposites. I am not saying the first year with the first born, with invasive eye surgery panning out to once a month, was easier than the newborn’s “I am going to constantly eat” year, but I’m not not saying that. 

So birthday cake is in the house. My wife made it and it barely lasted the first night. Cake is perfect celebratory birthday food because once the kids are asleep it requires no microwave, makes no crunching sound and there’s only a couple of dishes required -which can be plastic to avoid late night clanging and clashing sounds. 

Birthday cake is not a food for the baby to celebrate the birthday. It is food for mom and dad to celebrate one year down. Welcome to toddler years. 


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