Steampunk Weekend DIY

Weekend! I always want to shout that word on Friday.  Long week around here.  Hoping for a calm weekend.  There’s talk of building a retaining wall at my in-laws place; what shall be retained I am unsure, but I plan on calling the wall Hadrian and fending off intruders.  That’s what walls are meant to do.

So if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, here’s a list of nifty projects.  We’ve got soap, we’ve got gears, we’ve got flux capacitors and we’ve got earrings for your bemusement.  Bemusement is what you feel when amusement goes away; pretty sure that’s correct.

If you’d rather read a book I have one on Amazon free, but today, July 17, is that last day.  A short horror book Roan’s Demon click here:  I am very excited to be able to stop making a sales pitch in every single post, let me tell you.

Now, onward! To fun!

Wood and Rubber Gears

Plywood and timing belts! Awesome.  Fun in a sandbox or rolling down hills?  I’m sure there are plenty of neat things to do.


Sparkly Soap

Not exactly “steampunk” here, but I am sucker for anything involving octopus, the most steampunk of all aquatic beasts.  Fun kid activity that won’t leave them with burns like making real soap.

DIY Glitter Soap

Earrings from Burned Out Light Strand Bulbs

I am also a sucker for projects that are basically limitless to interpretation.  Check out the link, the DIY instructions are really well put together, but scroll to the comments (What?! Read the comments section? On the internet?) Folks that have put these together did really cool things.  I may not wear earrings myself, but this is pretty cool stuff.  Now someone figure out how to power them!  Like those old T-shirts that had battery packs and played music and exploded if you got them wet.  This idea is getting risky.

Flux Capacitor Pin
Let’s talk Back to the Future’s awesomeness.  The 80s were weird, even if half the stories are true, it was decade of Duran Duran, the bad Bond movies and pastels all up in the art world.  Back to the Future is still amazing though.  It climbed out of the cultural pits of the decade that birthed it and today we smile when seeing Deloreans or laugh when we hear “You won’t need roads.”  Back to the Future is full of hope and wonder of the future, a concept central to Steampunk’s ideology.  We can make the tools we need and create the future we want is what I take away from the film.  Let’s ignore the reverse Nightingale Syndrome of Marty’s madre though, that’s weird 80s peaking its ugly head through.

Here’s a steampunk flux capacitor pin to build yourself.

And a video!



Happy weekend everybody!


Comments welcome!

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