Davis and May Part 19

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Part 19

Winston held his fists tight in front of him.  May looked over the room.  Davis fumbled with his belt buckle.  The guards stepped ever nearer, armed with small long blades

“Just press the button,” May instructed him.

“I am! It’s not moving,” Davis shouted back.  He continued to not press the button.

May huffed.  “Winston, distract them would you?” She waved her hand at the guards and Winston began swinging his fists.

“You press it right here,” she tapped the side of the copper belt buckle with an ornate octopus etched to it.  The aquatic monster unhinged from the top of the buckle, falling forward to reveal a stack of short darts.

“That is exactly how I pressing the button,” Davis threw his hands in the air, at once furious and befuddled by the gadget’s difficulty.

He went to retrieve the darts, a souvenir from a trip to the deep jungles of Barap where locals used the darts to subdue prowling jaguars, but was instead met with the mid torso tackle of one of the guards.

May shrieked, last she saw all four guards were trying to take down Winston.  The sudden appearance of the brute was jarring.  Davis let out a slight, “oof” when hitting the floor.  The guard was oddly silent.

“May, darling, could you assist?” Davis requested.  He squirmed underneath the weight of the quite asleep guard.

May grabbed an arm and the two rolled the now snoring guard off of Davis.

“How many did he take?” May asked.  She looked at the darts poking out of the guard’s abdomen.

“He looks like a hedgehog,” Davis pitied the man.

“Any left?” May asked.

“Looks like I have one remaining,” he investigated the belt buckle hatch.

May had not yet blinked in reviewing the sleeping guard.  “He’s going to wake up right? One of those puts down a jaguar for a night.”

“Would you two do something useful?” Winston shouted as he dodged a right hook from a guard.  He was surrounded, but unflinching in the face of overwhelming odds.

“You seem ok, there,” Davis laughed.

Winston landed a punch and sent a guard to the floor.  “You seem safe over there,” he said throwing another punch, “come seek that adventure you were so eager to fi-.” He was cut off by a stomach blow.

Davis took aim and lobbed a dart into the fray.  The thin wooden dart with a little fletching at one end, sharp point at the other sailed through the air landing in the neck of a guard.  The guard turned and looked at Davis with rage filled eyes.  The guard growled through curled lips and began to charge at his attacker.

Then fell to the floor.

“Those work fast,” May said.

Winston leveled the last remaining fighter and joined May and Davis.

“I am incredibly tired,” he said trying to catch his breath.  He rested his hand on his hips and paced the room.  “So what’s the plan?” He muttered from beside a couch.

“We find Dolina.  We stop her.  We save Villa Clonna.”  May said.

The three exited the room.



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