Easy Weekend, Doctor’s Orders

The firstborn gave us a nice little concussion scare Friday. Falling off a ladder at day care and then apparently showing some signs of a concussed noggin. The signs being pupils that do not dilate and a bump on his head. We should have known these were poor tells as his pupils are fixed from repeated surgeries and his head is not round. However, once that fear sinks in even a little bit it is off to an after hours doctor appointment. 

He was fine, but as a preventive measure we were told to keep him physically slowed and mentally bored. 

Let’s talk about things are impossible with a four year old.  

We thought a quick trip to the ol toy store would fit the bill for boring and slow. Pick up some board games which he has been loving of late and a plastic kiddie pool for him to sit in. We meant well. 

The pool is like a Flintstones animal. I expect to hear “it’s a living” at any moment. 

There was no slowing the kid. The pool needed to be splashed in, Chutes and Ladders became an all out brawl between Hulk and Wolverine. At least he respects canon.  The baby did not help matters at all either. He’s getting closer and closer to walking on his own which is only making him more destructive and with a wider area of impact. 

The first mistake was going to a toy store. With his grandparents. Sensory overload. 

Second error was staying outside. It was exhausting for everybody. 

Should another high quality head bump come again, and it will because this kid is mine and clumsy is not a strong enough word, we’ve learned some things. 

Huzzah learning experience!


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