A Table Game for the Four Year Old

In the grand search for something to keep the oldest entertained, we built a board game today. 

The goal was simple; fun, solo if needed, and quick. The result was a disc flicking game of taking the player token and smashing it into opposing disc to send them off the board. 

We themed it with beloved superheroes saving the city from an army of bad guys. It was really fun. Here’s the project:


Possibilities are endless with scrap lumber and a miter saw. A sander helped too. We had some small bits 2×6 sitting in the garage, a dowel and a plank of I think MDF. I ripped the 2×6 into smaller bits and only once nearly lost a finger. The blade was not moving fast enough, snagged a knot and exploded the piece of wood. It was at that moment I opted against further angling the building pieces. I think my wife appreciated the decision. 
Cutting through the dowel was vastly amusing. Each tiny bit was soon blown away by the winds of the whirling blade. Totally worth collecting the discs from the saw dust covered ground below. 


The discs were colored with bad guy like faces on both sides. I drew the bad guys because the kiddo would not care for those too much. 

For the player discs, we called in the big guns. My wife’s artistic flair. 

My name starts with an S and I can’t draw it that well. 

When the kiddo saw the two hero symbols, the game was a winner. We went over the premise and explained the rules of then let him loose. 


Right away he found flicking the hero discs far inferior to manually smashing them into the baddies. One step at a time. He did find some structural flaws including lack of a designated starting position. We called upon the mighty Wife’s Artistic Ability to solve that problem. She put a nicely scripted “Hero” box on one side of the board. 

The kid like that addition. The rule became if a hero disc fell off the board, it had to start once again at the box.  

The buildings were screwed to the board from below and I put felt feet at the corners to save our table surface. 

The plan was to draw roads and detail the board if he liked playing. He took care of that before dinner with a crayon. 


He added a jail for the bad guys and circles around the buildings. I liked the board before, but his drawings made it perfect.  
The power of a little art, tiny discs and a kid’s imagination to fill in the gaps.  Now he wants names for each of the little bad guys. It is a good problem to have. 


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