The Gear Part 12 of a Steampunk Superhero Story

Part 12

“We were just working on moving silently!” Edwin shouted.

Eula had thrown herself into the air, twisted herself in the air mid-flip and was in the process of coming down atop the two guards surrounding the relic.  They had not yet reacted to the acrobatics display about to crash down on them.

Edwin did as instructed and followed her lead.  He ran to intercept a door guard that had reacted in a fitting manner.  The guard was pulling a billy club from its sheath.  The crowd screamed and dispersed.  Bodies slammed against the guard and Edwin alike.

Edwin felt the gaze of the incoming guard fall on him.  As the only person not fleeing for an exit, he knew he stood out, but he was not ready for a guard to actually be good at his job.

“Flim snark,” Edwin cursed in a manner most incoherent.  He watched the guard raise the club above the crowd.

“I do not like this plan,” he said moving into the mass of people.

Eula landed on her targets.  She rose from the huddled guards underfoot and looked to the relic.  Under the direct lighting it looked like the most pure art she had ever seen.  She spent her days chasing down artifacts and relics of great importance, but the red sandstone and intricate carvings of this slab of rock struck her.  Perhaps, she thought, it was because of what the Duke was using them for.  She was not sure how long she paused to stare at the artifact, but in that moment her resolve to end the Duke’s schemes grew even stronger.

“Eula!” Edwin shouted.  “I’ve quite stepped in it.”  Edwin was being dragged out of the crowd by a guard.

Eula smashed the glass case and grabbed the relic.  The stone was heavier than expected and slowed her dash to Edwin.

“Fidget! Squirm! Rid yourself of the collar hold,” she shouted instructions.

Edwin had never worn a fancy suit before.  He found it tight in all the wrong places and moving in any manner was difficult.  He attempted to shimmy and shake his way free of the guard’s grasp, but it felt like he was swimming on land.

He finally found his freedom, though he was unsure if that was his doing or a miscalculation from the guard.

Eula arrived with a smash of sandstone against face.  The guard was no longer a problem.

“Get out of the building,” Eula said.

“Understood,” Edwin said.

The two raced from the scene, losing themselves in the crowd of still panicked party goers.  Their carriage awaited them in the courtyard.  Doors were open and at the head of the horse pack was Edwin’s favorite horse, Cerdo Fuego, ready to take them all to safety.

Eula and Edwin jumped into the cabin and without skipping a beat, the driver ordered the horses to run.

Breathless and pumping with adrenaline, Edwin looked to Eula, “how did you manage that jump from the dance floor in that dress?”

“Training, which we’ll get back to one day I’m sure,” she said.  She was taking long, deep breaths to get her own pulse back to normal.

Rest was not in the cards for the carriage ride home.  From behind the carriage a terrible whirring sound gave chase.  Eula looked through the rear window, pulling aside a purple fringed curtain.

“I did not think them so well equipped,” she said.

“What’s that?” Edwin asked.  His nervousness was not lost on Eula.  She beckoned him to the window.

In pursuit of the carriage were three single seat crafts sputtering steam and shooting flames from behind their riders.  Edwin thought the machines to be bicycles, but mechanized and moving at speeds no peddler could manage.

“Those are impressive,” he said.

“Those are deadly,” Eula said.  She pulled her fire throwing mallet from underneath the cushion.

“You’ll find your tesla coil and gyro copter in the overhead storage.  Let’s face off with the enemy shall we?”

Eula was smiling.  Edwin never enjoyed what followed her smiles.


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