Eye Went to a Doctor

For the first time in many, many years I visited an eye doctor. My wife and I spend so much time on the firstborn’s eyes taking care of our own goes by the wayside. It was weird sitting in the exam chair without holding the kiddo. And when instruments starting heading toward my eyes, that was an other worldy experience. 

I am happy to report I did not scream like someone that simultaneously saw a spider riding a mouse and dropped a can of paint on their toe when eye drops were applied. I am still quite blurry. Typing is difficult. The phone screen so bright. I think this is how cats must feel all the time. They have good eyes, right? I cannot stand eye drops or things in the general vicinity of my eyeballs. Let me tell you, having a one year old is great for that inappropriate fear. 

Bonus of the night was a pair of wicked sweet plastic shades. Slip them behind the existing glasses and you are instantly turned into a moth. Or Eugene Levy. 

At the end of the day the firstborn got to see that everyone visits the eye doctor; he’s not alone in that. I don’t think he cares yet about “fitting in” or being the only one that does something. That time is coming though. Somewhat thankfully, kids are getting glasses younger and younger. Even at four he’s not the only kid with glasses at his daycare. Eye issues can be caught sooner now than even when he was born, so get those kiddos checked!  Early detection is a good thing. Most things can be fixed and kids handle eye drops so, so much better than I could ever manage. 


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