New Book!



The horror story “The Fletcher Family Problem” finally got a better title.  I hope its a better title anyway.

Either way, the story has been turned into an ebook and is now available on Amazon right here:

It will be free all next week so don’t download it until Monday if you are interested.  Kindle Unlimited users will have always free access to the material.  Of course you can read it’s unedited version right here on the blog too, but who doesn’t love a quick read on their Kindle App?

What is the book about?

“Roan’s Demon” is like Hatfields and McCoys with curses and demons and a zombie or two might show up. A long standing family feud takes its toll on a small town when two sons of the clans get into a bar fight.  Soon, the sky turns blood red and buildings fall.  Roan must work fast to bring and end to the curse, before the curse ends him.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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