Towel Ladder

My wife brought pipe furniture into the house!

The bathroom was in desperate need of a new towel rack. The one that has been with the house since we moved in is finally about head height for the firstborn. Hilarious at times, but if he runs into the bathroom at midnight, bonks his head and spends a very tired couple of minutes whimpering; things are less funny. 

So a project was born. Scrap lumber was pulled from the garage, left over stain was opened and sooooooo much sanding was done. The two beams that make up the sides are the first piece of lumber I have ever ripped through a table saw without a real adult around. It was exciting. 

There is quite a lot of measuring involved in a ladder. Holes have to match up and while I was fine with lining up the boards and drilling through them at the same time, my wife was less enthused about short cuts (ha! Cuts.). 

She also figured out the angle needed for the beast to not topple over. She says the math was easy, but from a history student turned writer guy’s perspective anything involving finding the sin/tangent of a triangle you cannot just measure is pretty impressive math. 

Five degrees was the bottom board angle cut needed. I have made many seemingly useless cuts before, but five degrees off the bottom of a board seemed the most useless of them all. Until I saw it against the wall. 

 Five degrees made sense. 

Using lumber from projects past worked out tremendously well. Chips and hammer marks give the piece character. I adore streamlined IKEA stuff, but there’s no story there. The boards we used actually came with the house. The previous owner stashed them above the garage door. I do not know what the boards were used for originally, but they have gashes and blemishes that make the board itself fun to look at. There are a couple of marks that look like a meat tenderizer hit the board. I hope that was not the case, but they are there. 


Our bathroom is pretty small so the 18 inches or so width and six inches from the wall freed up tons of space. Hopefully no more bonked heads and plenty more… I don’t even know. What does a new towel rack really bring other than satisfaction of building something?


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