Solar Panels For a Productive Day

It is really hard to take pictures of a roof from the ground. The shiny things on the shingles above are brand new solar panels installed today. Oddly, when solar panels are installed there’s about an hour of power loss. With that loss of power in mind, I took the day off from the day job. 

The firstborn went to his second day at his new day care facility and the baby decided that sleeping was the best activity ever. So my wife and I were left at home with one sleepy kid and a construction crew hammering away at the roof. 

It was the most productive day we’ve had in years. 

All of the projects posted in this very blog today were completed today. It is amaIng how much can be accomplished without kids around. I had forgot what it was like to not say, “leave your brother alone” or “don’t eat that” every other minute. I am happy to go back to that, and this evening heard plenty of similar phrases, but for a small part of one day things got done without having to take a sword fight break. 


Today was cloudy of course. The solar panel system cannot be turned on for some weeks still, but the first cloudy skies in days happened on the day our sun soaking energy panels were being installed. The whole process was easy for we the consumer. The crew worked their hearts out. One even had to crawl through the attic. That’s not a recommended activity.  What is recommended is Solar City. Google them, everything is easy with this group. 


The back of our garage has a whole new set of meters and boxes. The birds are going to love pooing on these. 

Most of the day was spent listening to people run around the roof while finishing up projects that had been on god for days. I don’t know when we’ll get another one kid day, but when the next one comes around we are going to have a stack of projects to get us through the day. With two kids the practice is to send one parent on kid duty and the other does the project as fast and as well as possible. When both parents are able to work on something! We installed a ceiling fan in seven minutes. Had kids been present that is an hour long project trying to explain everything to the four year old and keeping the baby from eating screws. 

I love my children. They just need to be older and tired of me already so stuff can get done.*

*kids, please don’t do this. That would make me sad. 


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