Renaissance Festival on Independence Day

On the day marking the birth of the USA, my family trudged down to the Renaissance Festival in an annual tradition we quite enjoy. 

This is first time we’ve attended on Independence Day. The irony of taking part in an event that romanticizes a period marked by absolute monarchies and no voting rights on the day the world met the first modern democracy is not lost. To hail King George this afternoon at the tournament of skill quite betrayed my Captain America t-shirt. 

But being surrounded by throngs of happy people and family made up for any historical misgivings I held. My wife is very patient with my recounting of the early days of the American Revolution every Independence Day. I kept it to a minimum today. The firstborn is getting really good at his “I really don’t care” face.


Arriving just before gates open is usually not a good idea at The Ren Faire. Cars. So many cars.  Perhaps it the feeling of community in the air, the fact that all of us present regardless of all other factors were Americans on this day. Perhaps it was the ample supply of beer. Perhaps it was the shared experience of running from shade tree to shade tree.  But everyone was genuinely pleasant today. 

The firstborn did not know what to do with himself. He is a Knights and Dragons obsessive and seeing armored swordsmen all over the place rendered him speechless. The baby spent most of the day attached to his Granny and smiling. Or furrowing his brow judging all those that dared step in front of him. He gets a little judgy when hungry. 


The firstborn ran around with new shield, wand, broom, bow and arrow; really just horribly spoiled in new things to play with outside. Tomorrow will be spent making targets and fixing his Quidditch gear. 

  The oldest loved the horses. Try to spot them in the sea of people that is the above picture. He loves pretty much everything about the day. He loves running, shield smashing, eating lunch, running some more, talking a lot. He loves it all so much he fell asleep in the car pretty much as I turned the key when we left. 

Busy day. Fun day. Independence Day. Big thanks to my parents for helping their grandkids take really good naps; and my brother for always playing along. Some weekends it takes five adults to care for two small children. This was one such weekend.  


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