Busy Board

No Steampunk DIY today because today is all about actually doing DIY projects. 

The first big one actually began yesterday evening and for as simple as the project really is, it became quite chaotic. 

Here now, the Baby Busy Board.  

One sheet of scrap wood and a few bits of hardware will become what will hopefully be a wonderful little baby sitter for the nearly one year old. The projects are all over Pinterest and are ridiculously easy in execution and design. 

Most things start simple enough. Then we introduced paint.   

The firstborn adores painting. He gets to hang out with his mom, make a mess and “do art” as he puts it. 

The baby tried helping too…  

I think his methods are a bit more avant guard than his brother’s. Certainly require more cleaning. He learned quickly that the paint tastes bad thankfully. 

The end result is attaching hardware to the piece. We went with minimalist busy board and that turned out to be the right choice. The baby immediately sat in the middle of the board so he could hit everything at once. 

Door stops, hinges, and latches  rules the day.  We did get a gate latch, but the mechanics didn’t quite make sense and the screws were longer than the board. What wound up happening was a spinning piece of heavy metal! Yeah!

I was initially concerned the spring thing would pinch little fingers. Then realized that if it happened, the baby would growl at the board, slap it and dare it to try something again. This kid does not take guff well. 

For something so simple, it sure went over well.  The baby had been grumpy all morning, but just a minute with the spring action door stop and he was happy as a clam. I have no idea how happy clams are, but if the saying holds true clams are as happy as a baby with a door stop. Idioms are weird. 



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