T-Rex Fish 

My wife gets to spend these long summer days running around with the kiddos as I mind my computer for work in the basement.  The house is full of laughs and screams often at the same time, but it is certainly full of life.  It is tremendous to listen to from my office.  When I get to walk away from the desk, I usually find some wonderfully fun traces of where the day had been.

My favorite adventure so far was witnessing my wife’s amazing chalk art ability.  I cringe when chalk runs over sidewalk cement; the texture is just awful.  She helps the firstborn bring to life crazy monsters.  He is obsessed with The Notebook of Doom at the moment, a series of children’s books focusing around stopping monsters in a small town.  Many of the book’s monsters feature crazy names.  My suspicion is that he named this in the spirit of the books.

Getting reports on the day’s events from the firstborn is becoming a lunch time highlight.  The baby, if he is awake when I can get away, is either incredibly sleepy or incredibly hungry and tells his stories through his eyes or stomach.  The story from either kid boils down to “we’ve been playing and working all day and when we go to nap, we’ll be asleep for hours.”

She’s working very hard.

We’re about half way through the summer now.  Next week the firstborn starts up at a new day care, very exciting stuff.  Just a few days a week for now, to adjust, before heading back to full time when August rolls around and the hustle and bustle of busy morning getting every one ready for the day returns.  The baby will join him at the end of the month.  By mid August the house will be empty again.  No more chalk art at lunch, no more baby giggles filling the basement at 2:00pm.  No more making breakfast in our pajamas together.  Not for a while anyway.

The tough part is counter-balancing the baby who wants nothing more than to grab eggs straight from the pan.

In the final episode of “The Office” Andy says he wishes one could recognize the good times when they are happening.  As our summer hits its midway point and our time of lazy mornings draw closer to an end I am pretty sure, even through tantrums and siblings bickering in gibberish to one another, these are some pretty good times.

Thanks, first half of summer vacation, for T-Rex Fish and daily adventures.  Second half has a lot to live up to.


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