I Wrote That! And Other Neat Things

When I started getting into this whole “blogging” thing, I focused on writing as much as I could as well as I could manage.  Writing is tremendously fun and all that, but there comes a point that a new blogger discovers the whole of the blogosphere (still a word, right?).  The vastness of blogs and content on the internet is mind boggling and beautiful.  Now I spend just as much time pouring through the “reader” here on WordPress to see what the amazing bloggers and sites I follow are writing about.

Today, I have a post over at The Drabble called “Last Words”.  Outside of Wren over at Jukepop, it is the only thing I have written for another site and I am pretty happy with it.

Click here to go read it: https://thedrabble.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/last-words/

After you’re done there and had a little giggle, here are some of my favorite blogs to read every morning. From writing to parenting, steampunk to board games; all worth a look.  I know reading these wonderful bloggers has helped me in my ability to convey thoughts and stories better.

The Happy Haikuer


Consistently the best 17 syllables of my day.

Mom of 1 and 10


Wonderfully honest and fun parenting blog.

For Whom the Gear Turns


Any fan of Steampunk should read this.  The “How to Punk Your Steam” series is bliss.

The Geek Couple


Read the post on Memoir 44 and try not head to right over to your local game store and buy it.  I dare you.

Thanks as always for reading this blog as well.  I appreciate it.

Coming up next! More Davis and May.


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