Well, in that Highly Unlikely Situation…

Well, In that highly unlikely situation

The premise: In “Well, In That Highly Unlikely Situation” the game is to take a provided prompt, three story/character elements and write your way out of the situation.  It’s like improv writing, and the concept is most certainly stolen from every intro to improv class that has ever existed.

The situation: You’ve just knocked down a beaver dam and they are aaaannnngggrrrryyy.

The character elements: You forgot to take our allergy medications this morning, there’s silly putty, and you misspelled your middle name through sophomore year.

Well, in that highly unlikely situation…

I guess these beavers can certainly lodge a complaint now, right? Ha!

Hey, where did my backpacking buddies go?  Come on, gang! I really need some help out of this.

Last time I kayak I tell you.

Maybe I just, I don’t know, flip myself out of this?  No, the river is too far too shallow.  I’d hit my head and forget how to spell my middle name.  Again.

Really glad the others were not here to hear that.

Oh, hello little beaver buddy.  I will be out of your way in just a minute and there will be no more kayak in your dam any more.  Promise.

I just…just need to…wiggle out of this.

Harder than it looks, little beaver bud.

Don’t judge me with those little beaver eyes.  I’m trying to get out of.

OHHHH NOO!! No, no, no, no, no, no!  We can fix that.  It’s just one log out of place.

Now two.


Oh come on, that one had no reason to fall out.

Where’d your beaver pals come from, little beaver bud?

You guys know how to make circles around stuff, eh?  Haha.

This is weird now.

What are you doing with your tails?

Thumping the ground is only going to make things worse.  Why can I not get out of this kayak!?

Stop with the dirt mustering.  I’m going to sneeze like none other.

Sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze

Beavers! Cut it out.  I am unmedicated and my allergies are going to really hinder my progress in fixing this dam.  I know you can’t hear me, and the congested nasally sound is probably at a very threatening pitch to your little ears.

Wait! I have silly putty.  For some reason.  I have no idea why this is in the kayak.

That’s why.  Beaver buds, I need your help.  The kayak is sinking! This silly putty was structural.

Beaver buds? Help?

Beaver buds!  Stop eating the kayak.

In this situation, angry beaver buddies show no sympathy.

Thanks for reading!

Have a situation in mind? Want to give your own spin on this one? Leave it in the comments!


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