Well, in that Highly Unlikely Situation…

Well, In that highly unlikely situation


The premise: In “Well, In That Highly Unlikely Situation” the game is to take a provided prompt, three story/character elements and write your way out of the situation.  It’s like improv writing, and the concept is most certainly stolen from every intro to improv class that has ever existed.

This situation comes from the warped minds of my brother and my wife.  They are working against me I tell you!

The situation: You’ve just stepped on the heels of a two headed ogre in a subway station.

The character elements: You were a debate club all star in college, there’s sand in your shoes and pockets, you are carrying a lemon flavored jolly rancher

Well, in that highly unlikely situation…

Oh, hey, sorry there big fella!

You have two heads.

No, no, not judging, either of you? I don’t know how to address this situation.  Are you a collective or two distinct personalities atop one body?

Well, I assume since you cannot agree on the point you are two distinct personalities.

Not trying to talk down to you! Not doing that.  No need to make with the ‘smashy smash’.  I do admire the speed you have in retrieving that rather large club there.  Where were you hiding that?! Right? Ha!

I’ll be honest, guys, I am coming off a long day at work.  It’s like, what, 9:30pm? Golly that doesn’t look right.  It is just you and I waiting for a train.  I don’t want to be pulverized by a tree stump while I have sand in my shoes and my coat, you understand.

Nope, again, not what I said.  I said “understand” with a distinct T in there.  I do not wish to put you under sand.  Are you from the beach?  Do ogres live on beaches just snagging seals and kelp for lunch.

Kelp is that seaweed stuff.

No plants?  Just….just carnivorous then?

I am not backing away slowly.

Yeah, yeah, I am enjoying this time together with the three of us in two bodies.

Don’t be silly, Left Head, I am not backing away slowly.

We can debate the point all night, I was very good at this in college.  I am not backing away slowly.  Here, here.

I am just reaching into my pocket.

See this?  This is a Jolly Rancher.  It is pure sugar and artificial lemon flavoring.  You will love it.

I promise it is sand free.  Good question, I did mention the sand.  Go ahead and grab it.  Do you take turns operating the hands or do you coordinate movement?

You’re right, you’re right; I need to not pry into your personal matters.  We just met, that was off sides.

That means I was some place I should not have been.

Well, the train is here.  Why don’t we chat more about these wonderful game and its silly terms.

Yeah, it’ll be fun.  First time on a train?

The train won’t be fun.  It will smell like urine.  Welcome to the city, ogre friends!  We have much to discuss.


In this situation, I hope the ogre is curious and will not be furious about the lemon Jolly Rancher.


Thanks for reading?

Have your own spin on the situation?  Want to suggest a prompt?  Write it in the comments below.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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