People on the Highway

Traveling home from a doctor appointment yesterday, blissfully unaware that it was Wednesday, I found myself following what can only be described as a “cute car”.  An apple red Toyota Yaris that just screams bubble-gum pop music and “ice-cream sandwiches for dinner!” was ahead of me.  Everything about the car and driver was positive and full of life and happiness.  I don’t usually smile while driving, but the existence of this vehicle made me think, “yeah.  Things are good in this town.”

Today’s Tale: The Dreamer

The bright red, two doors and a hatchback Toyota Yaris ahead of me looks zippy.  Not that it will ever drive fast.  This the driver’s first car bought and paid for with her own money, the paper license plate that comes from the dealer is still taped to the back window.  She is going to drive the speed limit and take in the world around her.

From the rear view mirror hangs a dream catcher.  Woven from an organic rope and adorned with a humanely retrieved feather from some sort of local jay, this was the first personal item she put into her new car.

She’s driving back from Loveland right now where she just spent the morning filming her no-line part in a local restaurant commercial.  Her “big break” she told her mom on a quick phone call leaving the shoot.  A few more paid gigs and she can join a guild, get an agent, move to New York or Hollywood.  She’ll start out in bit parts in cheap Rom-Coms or basic cable TV shows, but then once she solidifies herself as a funny up and comer, the bigger roles will come in.  She’ll spend years in comedy and then one day will blow away the movie loving public by absolutely crushing a dramatic role.

She tells all of this to her dream catcher, speaking loudly over the Katy Perry song that is filling the cabin.

There’s an optimism in the car that will far outlast the Yaris.  Her next car will carry the same dreamcather and she’ll tell it tales and hopes for the future as well.  She may never get out of Northern Colorado’s local play houses and commercials, but she’ll always know her dreams were heard by a close friend that was always by her side when riding from one gig to the next.


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