Strawberry Life Lesson

Gardening, in my opinion, is a very important parenting tool.  It teaches patience, dedication and the value of work.  The kids get to participate in an activity that involves dirt and water and after some time they get to eat yummy fresh garden food.

If it makes it that long.

Yesterday afternoon I stepped outside to take in the not-so-hot late spring day and saw something that is basically a Sasquatch; a red strawberry.  It would not last to the evening.

Gardening also teaches a cruel lesson of life; sometimes you don’t get what you work toward.  And sometimes a hoard of squirrels will set up camp in the backyard and eat every fresh strawberry on the bush before they even the get the chance to adorn pancakes or whatever you use strawberries for.  I wouldn’t know because a hoard of squirrels is pretty much constantly in my backyard eating almost ripe strawberries.


Seen here fleeing the scene.  Except for the one in the back.  That one plays by no rules.


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