Well, in that Highly Unlikely Situation

Well, In that highly unlikely situation

Here’s the game.  Provided with a highly unlikely situation and a few elements, the player has to write their way out of the situation or resolve the prompt using only their wits and items made available by the one giving the prompt.

Today’s Situation: You were the only witness to a cow being abducted by aliens.  The local sheriff thinks you might be crazy.  Prove you are not and you can go home.

The elements: You never ‘died of dysentery’, there’s an empty box of pizza in the backseat of your car pretty much all the time,  you’re wearing sunglasses at night.

Well, in that highly unlikely situation…

Listen, Sheriff, I know this town is just barely on this side of the Colorado/Nebraska border.  I’ve been here plenty of times before, look in the back seat and you’ll find a Dave’s Pizza Place box.  The best pizza in the state.  All I do is drive around and eat pizza for a really, disgustingly pretentious blog.  The other day I had scallops on a pizza.  Scallops have no place on pizza.

If my travels through this little hamlet have taught me anything, it is that the citizens here have no love for Denver or Lincoln.  They are Moscow and you’re basically Mongolia.  But please, understand that I am not just some yuppie from the city.  I mean, I never even played Oregon Trail in school; my background is more similar to this place than my city days.

Believe me when I say that cow was sucked up by an alien spaceship.  It was straight up Close Encounters here.  I nearly grabbed by synth and started talking to them.

Ok I admit that did sound rather city hipster of me.  My band is terrible.  Honesty proves I’m not crazy right?

Oh my sunglasses?  Crazy story there….I mean, funny story there.  Nothing crazy about me at all.  I was touring a kitchen with a chef in Fort Collins.  They had this beautiful brick oven in the back that I just had to see.  He opened up the fire pit and one of the timbers popped, snapped into my prescription glasses and cracked the lens.  So now I get to wear sunglasses at night like a crazy person…I mean, like someone with limited options.  Not crazy.

What did I see?

I saw bright lights in the sky, cows in the field and then a big cone from sky to surface.  It was neon green and there was this pulsing bass sound.  Not unlike a synth track really.  That’s off topic.

I am?  I can just go?  What about the aliens though?  We have to get the National Guard or something out here right? I can tell them what I saw.


Oh, no, no, I understand.  That makes sense.  I probably did just see a train come from behind the hill.  It was dark and all.

Does that mean the cow was…?


You could have led with that.


In this situation, rambling would save the day.  Listening would have saved it sooner.  There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Thanks for reading!

What situation and elements come are up next?  Leave your suggestion in the comments below!





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