The Gear Part 10 of a Steampunk Superhero (almost) Story

Part 10

“We’ve been at this for hours. Any chance of training our lunch eating skills?” Edwin said. He was out of breath and sore beyond reason.

“You get food when the ringing in my ears ends. ‘Stop screaming, start eating.’ That is your new mantra,” Eula chided. She was enjoying the training.

“I thought I was going to meet the team today. Is there any one coming to stop this? I mean, coming to induct me into the guild or whatever?” Edwin angled for any escape.

“You do not get out of training to socialize. I need you operation ready by nightfall,” Eula replied.

“Where are we going tonight?” Edwin asked.

Exasperated, Eula could not find a nice way to respond opting instead to put her head in her hands and mutter.

Clanging sounded from the stairwell. Someone was rather rapidly descending into the basement training facility.

“You stay put,” Eula said. She walked off to the stairs and stopped to speak with a young man that looked even more tired than Edwin felt.

Edwin watched the exchange, thankful for the break, and waited. When Eula threw her arms in the arm and shouted at the now terrified young man, he placed himself in the middle of the conversation.

“What is going on here?” He asked.

“You need to slow your questions, Edwin,” Eula snapped.

“Hi,” Edwin extended his hand to the young man, “I’m Edwin. She’s normally nice to me.”

“Francis, sir,” they shook hands.

“I am sorry, Edwin. That was uncalled for. We have a lead on an object the Duke will be most interested in. Your training has to be cut short today,” Eula explained.

“I will cool it with my questions. There’s a lot going on today and you keep making run barefoot over sharpened jacks. I’m questioning some life choices today,” Edwin said.

“There’s a horse and buggy upstairs to take you to your destination. I will wait for you there.” Francis went upstairs.

“What is our destination?” Edwin asked. He cringed and tried to rework the words to not be a question.

“In the back of the room there are a number of suits. Find one that fits, put it on and come upstairs. Your ungraceful and loud body will be accompanying me to a ball this evening where we will steal an Armenian relic under the ever watchful eye of a team of Pinkertons usually employed by the Duke.” Eula could not have sounded more displeased.

“So I don’t need my gyrocopter then?” Edwin asked.

“Stop that,” Eula said as she climbed the stairs.

Alone in the basement, Edwin looked around. “Well, at least we’ll get a chance to talk about the one thing I hate more than this training session; dancing.”

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