Steampunk Weekend DIY

Around here we are looking forward to a weekend of 90 degree heat and sunny skies.  After what feels like two months straight of rain, this is a very welcome change of pace.  There’s a playground to finish up and we’re focusing on fancy new trinkets and toys to add to the space.  To say I am looking forward to the weekend is too weak a phrase.

So what are you up to this weekend?  Adventure? Excitement?  Unless of course you are a Jedi for those things you crave not.

This weeks list of projects includes a cool indoor planter, neat things to do with those unused canning jars, and a speaker system for your phone because I love those things.

Copper Wall Planter
I would love to grow herbs indoors with something like this.  And the coolest part?  That’s not actual copper pipe.

DIY Copper PVC Wall Planter

DIY Copper PVC Wall Planter

Mason Jar Light
Bored of pickling everything?  Realizing that drinks from a mason jar taste just the same as from a real cup, but the real cup is easier to hold?  Here’s something to do with those mason jars that are stacked up in the basement.

DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light

Let’s keep with the mason jar theme…

Mason Jar Speakers

Not really good in a house of small children, but this would be really neat at a desk or outdoors??  Good quick

Pallet Swing Lounger
I am confusing Steampunk with Rustic this week, but let’s not forget that not all citizens of the Victorian world were city dwellers.  Repurposing, reusing and redefining are all very much part of the Steampunk aesthetic.  So here’s a cool way to reuse a wood pallet.  A very dangerous way to reuse one, but very cool too.  The link has tons of neat ideas, but this was the most punk option.  This one doesn’t even care what gravity thinks.

Wooden pallet lounger

Happy weekend everyone1


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