The Big Helper

Play ground extension worked kicked into high gear this evening. My father in law, my mother in law, and even my brother came over to make as much progress as possible before mosquitoes broke through our bug spray defenses. It was a solid two hours of work before this literal buggers got the best of us. 

Two hours of work with this guy being the biggest “helper”. 

There’s a special challenges in trying to get anything accomplished around dinner time. The boys and my wife went to museum with friends today too, so the excitement and energy drain of the morning never really wore off. That left us with a hungry and over tired four year old that needed to be in the middle of the action. It was tiring. 

He has a genuine interest in the work. Most of that is due to the use of gun shaped drills and heavy hammers though; two big wins in his mind. 

He was a very good mimic throughout the night. Marking boards, checking the level, whatever his PaPa and Uncle did, he did too. And he generally did it while standing on a foot or two. 

Keeping him focused or at bay was the real project of the night. That overtired energy is exhausting. Glad to have him around, but I do not think anything would have been accomplished without my brother’s presence. 


The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child.”  I am very thankful for my village. My brother would spend time entertaining the wee one and then switching off to work on the new platform. Rotating duties were the name of the game today.  

Tomorrow the platform planks go down and work begins on the rope bridge between new and old. I’ll count the number of times the first born asks if he can walk on the still in progress bridge. My bet is 30. 


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