People on the Highway

The family and I spent the weekend driving.  And driving.  And driving.  All told I think ten hours were spent on the road to and from Buffalo, Wyoming.  Gorgeous drive time; pretty empty roads.  We hit a bit a of a traffic jam somewhere north of Casper that involved ten cars going through a cone zone.  Things got crazy.  On the drive to Buffalo on Friday night I was pretty sure there were more people in space than on that I-25 northbound out of Laramie.  It was a most surreal experience.

Heading home Sunday morning, we reached Casper and joined the ten car convoy south.  One of the cars in the group was a blue Subaru playing leap frog through the row of cars in the slow lane.  On the windows, in blocky and pink text the ever fun phrase “Just Married” let other drivers know exactly why the car was being driven so very poorly.

Today’s tale: Newlyweds

The mountain top wedding was everything they hoped it could be.  The couple was married beneath next to a lake that only exists after a good rain storm.  Friends and family came from all over the country, booking nearly every single hotel room available within an hour’s drive of the site.

They picked Casper, Wyoming for their wedding site in hope no one would be able to come.  It was opening weekend of Jurassic World too. They hoped the odds stacked up in their favor.  It was the first mistake of their marriage.  There will be many more.

By the look of things, most of the mistakes will happen while driving their Subaru.  The car was their first purchase together.  They wandered the car lot for hours.  They were looking for a used Kia, something well within their price range, but the salesman said those magic words, “I have the right car for you in the back lot.” Of course they loved the car, but coming up with an extra hundred dollars of month required some creative budgeting.  It was the first mistake of their year long engagement.  There were many more.

During the wedding planning they opted for a local barbecue pit to cater the reception.  I’ve spent a lot of time at weddings and whenever a pit roast BBQ joint is called upon to cater a big event there’s a certain sort of joy that comes with the news.  This joy is quickly tamped down at the actual party because napkins run out, sauce spills every where and the combination of beer and beef makes the crowd sleepy beyond compare.  Do not cater with barbecue.  It was the first mistake of the wedding planning process.  There were many more.

The day went off well enough.  The reception was quick and easy.  The food ran out and guests fell asleep in their chairs.  The dancing was short lived.  Instead of hiring an experienced DJ or local band, they plugged his iPhone into a set of Bose speakers and let Spotify run.  They forgot a phone charger though and since he is all about having the fanciest new Apple products and all his friends are still on the 4s; no one had a charger at the ready.  Combined with unreliable WiFi, the night was over by 9:00.  They will never decide if this was a mistake or a subconscious contingency plan.  There will so, so many more of those.

In their rush to get started with married life they drive down the road at 88 miles per hour, hopping into the passing lane and darting around much slower freight trucks or horse trailers.  Oddly, the constant lane changes are probably adding time to their trip.  They make mistakes, but they’ll be making them together from now on.



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