Chaosity – destructive curiosity 

We have long had a dilemma in the house. The kids are terribly curious by nature and want to know exactly what things are, how they work and, from time to time, how they taste. The thirst for answers has given we parents gray hairs and a shorten life span because, quite simply, the kids leave a wake of pure chaos behind them as they crawl over, jump to, dive for, walk on and generally go to whatever it is they are curious about. Potentially harmful paths be damned! 

We do not want to hinder this wonderful curious side. One day it may lead to a high paying career that will pay for a luxurious retirement home for dear ol’ mom and dad (the point of being nice to the kids, right?). At the same time, we do not want them to be crushed by a chair they just have to see the top of. 

Today, the firstborn gave us a word to use to describe this phenomenon; chaosity.  We are defining the term destructive curiosity. And it makes most of parenting small children make total sense. 

Visitors may ask, “why is the step stool secured atop a heavy box that is blocking a power outlet?”

Now we can answer with confidence, “the baby’s chaosity is out. Of. Control.”


Really happened b

Perhaps the question comes up, “why are your aprons bundled on top of that weird half wall thing you got going on there?”

Well, good friend, the answer is simple. Hanging aprons just triggered the baby’s chaosity so hard they would have certainly toppled over the weird half wall thing in the kitchen b

We did find out that mops and mop buckets are a prime trigger of chaosity. There is just temptation sitting in the bucket of soapy water. And the baby knocked it over. Chaosity!

At least that is a mess that really cleans itself.   

Now that the issue has a name, things will get easier right?  Right?!


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