Road Trip Day One


All packed up. The journey always begins so well organized. This too shall pass. 

Five hour car ride is the Google estimate to Buffalo, Wyoming. With two little boys in need of either diaper changes or potty breaks and constant snacks, it is a six hour drive. Plus construction. So much construction.  

Surprisingly neat scenery heading through Wyoming. We came over a hill and arrived in Isengard. It was neat and Orc free.  

First rest stop was snackalicious. Good to get  out and run. The kids refused to sleep on the ride. Any other trip they would have slept for four hours straight. Apparently going to Wyoming is just too exciting. 

Finally arriving at the camp site at 7:00 we got right to putting up our tent. And this is where we really learned what camping and road trips are all about with small children in tow. 

Bed times were thrown to the wind. Dinners were cookies and beef jerky. The sun was up until nearly 10pm. 

The baby decided to start breaking another tooth and was feverish. The four year old thought “tent” meant play time. 

So if the question comes up” is it worth having a family of four with two small children stay in one tent, even if it is conceptually adorable?”  

The answer is no. No. A thousand times over no. I picked the wrong week to quit coffee. 


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