Steampunk Weekend DIY

The weekend has come once again.  Thank goodness.  This has been quite a week.  Full of adventure, which was nice.  For example, all of the advertisements running through my Pandora account have been in Spanish.  I think I can now buy a Kia and order a McMuffin en Espanol.  Learning is fun!  The family is heading out on our first big road trip as a quartet this afternoon.  It will either be a rousing success or a miserable failure and no middle ground is possible.

In the spirit of a road trip, this week’s list of fun and exciting DIY projects is full of stuff that might take a bit of extra work to gather the materials.  So get out there, experience the world!

This week we have a cookie cutters, funny hats (from stuff likely at home anyway, so this one does not keep with the theme), re-purposed trunks and cigar boxes.

Cereal Box Hat
Real talk time; I am no fan of cereal.  I don’t even have a reason for it.  What I do enjoy is paperboard.  So next time the kiddos empty a box of Cheerios, we’ll be trying out this nifty project.

Do Something Crazy with a Steamer Trunk!
Seriously, where do you find a steamer trunk?  Here’s a big post of pictures of crazy stuff to do with one should you come into possession of a trunk in need of a good crazying (not a word).  I like this drink cart idea.  I could see it moving down the aisles of an airship over the Atlantic, slamming into the elbows of guys in high collars and ladies in the feathered hats.  A steampunk airline drama on TV would be worth watching for a solid three episodes.

Suitcase bar

Gear Cutters
Cookie cutters.  These are cut from a very specific roofing tool.  As if “roofing tool” is not specific enough.  This project cut into a thing called Fimo and turned them into Christmas decor.  The page is pretty neat.  Very subtle steampunk elements.  Still, a trip to the contractor’s counter at the hardware store would be in order to track these down.  Maybe.  I have no roofing experience, so this seems very

Decorative Cigar Box
My dad and brother were obsessed with cigar box guitars for a time.  Little three string instruments that sound the way a zombie apocalypse would feel.  Neat machines, but what really struck me was the ability of my family to find cigar boxes.  They are the best smelling guitars in the world.  Here’s a little project to make your mail smell funny too.

Have a great weekend!


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