Pinterest Summer

My wife has been on summer break for all of a two weeks now and has accomplished more in that time than I have done in a year. Above are citronella candles from mason jars and rope. Drill a hole in the kid, let the wick…sigh…wick up the liquid (‘citronella’ I am told) and then set it on fire. Boom! Mosquitoes be gone.   She of course is inspired to make and build and work nonstop the week I try to put an end to my caffeine addiction.

This is going to be a Pinterest fueled summer.

The rope wick did not work.  It was old and coated with something so it just would not catch fire.  Dang safety regulations.  The wick finally worked when replaced by an old t-shirt. Why are there no safety regulations for this!? No mosquitoes, lots of fire and the backyard is summer ready.  I hope the fire trend continues, there need to be more pictures of fire on this page.

Today she finished up one last project before our big road trip this weekend; a collapsible Dalek trash can.

Dalek. Trash. Can.

I love my wife.


I do not know where she finds the patterns she does, but they are pretty dang neat.  The oldest kid loves Daleks and has a mean impression already.  His favorite phrase is “You are an enemy of the Daleks. You must be destroyed.”  If I ever put a video on YouTube, it will be of him saying that phrase because it is awesome.

I learned something cool about making an inner-liner and pattern work together to conceal the seam of the pattern.  The seam had to be split and the whole thing flipped inside-out to reveal the full pattern.  It took me quite some time to visualize how the reversed pattern against the inner liner was going to work, but she did a rabbit-out-of-a-hat sort of magic and voila, the thing was good to go.

So my wife put together the collapsible trash can with the colorful Dalek pattern together in an afternoon.   This is how the summer is going to be.  Project after project, new pin after new pin.  Is ObsessPin (pinterest obsession of course) a real thing?  It sounds like a Star Wars planet.


She’s going to keep doing projects and I’m going to keep writing about her awesomeness.  It’ll be a good summer.


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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