Quitting Coffee

At my first day on a job held long ago there was a discussion between the new hires, that sort of small talk that only a group of complete strangers would bother with.  The chat centered around if we were morning people or night people.  My answer was that I was a coffee person.  This was more than just a dodging the question, though might I say I did so masterfully, it was really how I interacted with the day.  Cup of coffee in the morning, one at lunch and one in the afternoon; maybe one with dinner.  Lots of bean juice has been spilled in this house.

Coffee is a life blood and I do so enjoy it.  However, the time has come to part ways.  And I am very displeased with that fact.

I stopped drinking soda months ago because it was having a dreadful impact on my over all health.  Not a huge loss.  Coffee is going now because it is really messing with my mood.  Yep, it is a full blown addiction and that is no fun.  Short tempered, super tired when not drinking the stuff, and shaky.  Just the worst. It’s no good for the kids to see that or my wife to have to deal with.  Just a crummy situation that needs correcting.

So next steps are to cut down on the caffeine intake and switch to tea.  Tea.  The student of American history within me cringes at the thought.  The goal is be caffeine free eventually.  Then I get to be all self righteous just a wretched guest at parties (no booze, no soda, no coffee?  I don’t even want to hang out with me).

You know what really stinks about less caffeine though?  It is sooooooooooo very difficult to write coherently.  I’m sure once the addiction is kicked words will look proper again and red squiggly lines will appear on the screen less and less.  And while fatigue is always present, caffeine or not there’s a well fed baby in the house who has learned to run, there’s this odd part of being decaffeinated where my bottom eye lids feels heavy.  I did not know that was possible.

Just a few days into the quitting experiment and I’m learning new coping skills.  Keeping myself focused through use of really loud music and drinking water.  Drinking water is weird.  As a pot of coffee a day person, water is weird.  It is the key component in bean juice, but I am awful about drinking just plain old water.  It is boring.  Coffee is so exciting by comparison.

Want to listen to loud music with me?  Here’s my favorite Pandora punk station: http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh2328260887473821030&shareImp=true

It is seeded by Propaghandi, so be ready for lots of politically charged punk to fill your speakers.  It is bliss.

So, basically, this post exists to explain the sloppy writing and poor story telling that will exist on this site for the next few weeks.  I am so sorry, but thank you for sticking it out.



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