People on the Highway

Stopped a light, I looked to my left and the guy next to me had a Mario ‘stache.

I am wasting no time with intros.

Today’s Tale: A Life of Castles

The little black Honda is filled with papers and discarded burger wrappers.  There’s a cell phone and a tablet resting on the dashboard, both plugged into chargers and the driver is happy to be ignoring them.  Those are for work and he is in his mobile office.

He has that look of a contractor.  Thick flannel shirt, red and black and squares all over, and a mustache built for a king.  Big and bushy, like a salt and pepper  caterpillar right on his lip.  I have to applaud the Tom Selleck proportions this mustache has been allowed to reach.

The driver is mid 50s, slight in build and sharp in mind, and devouring his breakfast in a hurry.  He hates eating in front of his guys.  His mentor in the construction business told him ages ago that eating in front of the team was frowned upon.  No reason was given.

He’s driving to a big job and today is foundation pouring day.

The house will eventually be two stories and a basement.  Another castle on the plains.

He has lost track of how many homes and neighborhoods he has built.  After twenty five years in the business though, he imagines that number is “most of them”.  He’s proud of his work.

At the same time though, he’s getting tired.  The glowing gadgets and constant fast food breakfasts are growing old and chasing castles is losing its allure.  He has mansions and bungalows, homes for mayors and shells for bars; there is little left that he thinks the industry could show him.  The excitement has faded and the thrill of something new, he feels, will not come again.

Time for new adventures.  He’s chatted with his drinking buddies and conferred with his wife and consensus is that he has to follow his heart.  He will do that, but first comes breakfast.



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