The Gear: Part 9 of a Steampunk Superhero Tale

The Gear
Part 9

“This is where you train?” Edwin asked.  He held his nose and squinted his eyes.  He had never been a basement that was at once far too dark and had a tremendous glare.  The smell of the room reminded him of the night he fled the park and fell into an open sewer.

“I know it is not the most majestic of places,” Eula said.  She had an unexplainable smile as the gazed at the room.  “But it is free and hidden.  None of the Duke’s people can get us here.”

“Didn’t the Duke say that about his bank basement?”

“Probably,” Eula replied.

“Well, show me around.  What is that thing?” Edwin pointed to a practice dummy in the middle of the room.  It held a wooden rod in one arm and a small square piece in the other.  It looked like a sack of flour propped up on a stake and given a helmet.

“That’s our blade dummy.  It is for practicing with blades,” Eula said.

“Clever title then.  What about that?” Edwin pointed to an area in the back of the room that appeared to be scorched by flame.

“Oh, that,” Eula paused to gather her thoughts, “we’ll talk about that later.”

Edwin knew better than to press the subject.

“So what’s the plan?  How does one train to take down whatever crazy cult thing the Duke is part of?”

“Well, we want to focus on turning your elephant like steps into something more mouse like.  You nearly caused our discovery at the bank.  Well, you would have if the Duke were smart enough to post a guard outside his ritual rooms.  But, first up is not being so loud.”

Eula moved to a padded mat in the middle of the room, next to the blade dummy.

“I want you to run across these,” Eula pulled a handful of jacks from seemingly nowhere and threw over the mat.

“Run over those? Where did those even come from? They look sharp.  Do you let children play with those?” Edwin had no end to his questions.

“Yes to most of the questions.  And run over them without your shoes on.”  Eula’s smile grew.

“This is not going to be very fun for me is it?” Edwin asked as he removed his shoes.

“Likely not.  But you’ll be stronger for it,” Eula replied.

“You know I have a gyro-copter at my disposal?  If I can avoid running, I’m going to do that.”

“Your gyro-copter is powered by a constantly humming engine and makes that thrud thrud thrud sound when the blades are spinning.  You need a quiet option.  Now stop being a chicken and run over the sharpened jacks that have never been played with by children by the way.  The insinuation was rude.”  Eula motioned to the jacks.

Edwin took in a deep breath and darted across the mat.

Eula put her hands over her ears to silence the screams.

As he pulled sharp jacks from his toes, Edwin looked to Eula and saw her look of complete aggravation.

“Well, that was a poor start.  Pull the jacks out and toss them back on the mat.  You’re running it until the screaming stops.  Welcome to your training, Gear.”  Eula pointed to the mat and the training continued.



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