Steampunk Weekend DIY

There is some fun stuff going on this weekend.  Provided it is not rained out, my town is having a little summer kick-off party in the heart of our downtown area.  If any of you have read Wren, I based Wren’s downtown on my city’s downtown and was not very nice about the whole thing.  It has been cleaned up though and is quite nice these days.  It should be a fun time.  And we’re building a new table this weekend.  I am very excited to soon have a table that will not destroy my knee caps.

For any of you looking forward to the weekend, but in need of a project or two, check these out.  This week we have a practical pocket watch, an impractical wall map, an excuse to hammer copper and a tea cup holster which is exactly what it sounds like.

Pocket Watch for Lipgloss
Mostly because it is funny.  Click the picture or link below to go straight to the project.

Steampunk pocketwatch DIY lipgloss

Pocketwatch Lipgloss DIY Tutorial

Crushed Copper Necklace
I would have skipped this project if not for the Hammer Time joke.  It does have some neat tips and tricks too.

Pallet Map
Ready yourself for adventure with an old timey map (burned and stained by you thanks to this guide) and then attached to a discarded pallet you can pick up at any hardware store.  This one just might show up in my house.

wood-pallet-map 3

Tea Cup Holster
Most conflicts can be settled over food and drink anyway.  Click the link.  This is a must see.

Happy weekend everybody!


Comments welcome!

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