A Leaf in a Crowd

The family ventured downtown this evening for a mini street festival. There was a live band playing brass instruments, the best sort of live band experience around, multiple face painting stalls, people making balloon animals, and just so, so much beer. And people, lots of people. And people with beer. 

We were to meet my in laws and stroll around. The energy was nice, people were pleasant, but our boys’ bellies were empty and timing cut our venture short. Once the in laws arrived we had to high tail it out of there or suffer the wrath of two hungry small children. They say an army marches on its stomach. The saying is true of families as well, but the driving force is a very tiny stomach. 

I’m not usually bothered by leaving crowds, but the band was just getting going. Better planning is in order for next time. 

I did get to hold the baby through the adventure though. The last week I have seen him for maybe an hour a day before he went to bed and frankly I was having some withdrawal. The oldest and I have been causing plenty of havoc and going about adventures of our own, but the baby has been  sadly absent. He is no longer chugging his medication cocktail once he gets home though and even just a day out he’s back to his smiling giggly self. 

So taking him into a large group was pretty fun. Of course, he did not care at all. We stood under a tree to watch the band play a bit and all that mattered in his world was one leaf that fell just within his reach. He was determined to pluck the lead from its stem. At one point even attempting to crawl over my shoulder to get to it. The leaf was everything. Never mind the hundreds of people around us or the loud music or even the skateboarding tween next to a lady dressed as a fairy. All that mattered was the leaf. 

I do not remember the last time I was so focused on something. 


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