Reading in the Car


My oldest son likes to find ways to make me nauseous. In this case, he likes to look at books and “read” while we drive. Something I cannot do. He loves it though. Pretty sure it is just an attempt to show off some sort of physical superiority. Like a little way of saying “look out old man, next generation does not have an ‘inner ear’ thing to hold them back.”  A common thought for a four year old I’m sure.  A patch of my beard went white over the weekend and I’m not taking the sudden aging so well apparently.  Back to the point. 

After a very wonderful suggestion from my Facebook page (check it at right over there, and thanks again for the suggestion!)), we picked up Magic Tree House bookstore read with him. We are nearly done with the series after just a few weeks and have moved from reading two or chapters a night to half a book a night.  I am gearing up to do podcast versions of the serials on this site so the massive nightly readings are pretty good practice. And nightmarish on the voice. 

I needed a break the other night so my wife took over reading duties. I love my wife’s voice. When the kid was smaller, she read Harry Potter to him and on nights I could, I sat and listened too. It was very fun. The other night she is reading a Magic Tree House book and the first born takes the book from her hand and says, “you read, dad,” shoving the book into my hands. Rude, but hilarious. We talked about nice ways to go about that request. So I have been reading a lot of Magic Tree House lately. 

Over the weekend we went to the ol’ bookstore and grabbed some more books in the series.  He sat in the back seat just flipping pages and pointing out letter sounds he recognized. He does yet read, more just recites things he has memorized, but he’s getting closer. 

And he’s getting there fast. He says he wants to read to his brother. If there is a nobler goal out there I don’t want to know about it. 

I mean, of course there are nobler goals out there; ending poverty, curing the sick, feeding the hungry etc…  This one is cute and controversy free. 


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