All day long I heard a thunk thunk thunk against a window in my office.  Rains were steady most of the day, so I thought perhaps the droplets were just persistent.  The baby came down with a fever last night, so I’m running on a few hours of sleep; the droplet theory made sense to a fatigued mind.  Finally the rhythm was too rhythmic? to be the rain alone and I looked behind the curtain.

A toad was seeking refuge.

The day’s metaphor was literally tapping at the windows.

Rains have remained steady, so finding a biblical plague in the window well was not surprising.  After the night the baby had, seeing a what I feel is a rather large toad (I have very little experience with amphibian sizes) stare at me through a window older than twice my own age made sense.

There’s a Mark Twain quote about eating a toad first thing in the morning.  The point is that is that if you eat the toad, things only get better.  Today was a toad and we had to eat it to get to the good stuff. I think the quote actually uses a frog, but again my working knowledge of the difference between these two amphibian species is limited, so for the sake of this moment frog and toad are the same thing.  And pi is exactly 3!  I’m sorry it had to come to that.

The baby has a medication cocktail for the next week, but it had a near immediate affect. Fever broke, the whimpering ended and his appetite came back with a vengeance.  Just a food Hoover once the meds took hold.  It takes a lot of work to get a baby to health.  My wife sat with him all day, ran him to the doctor, picked up meds, held him for a chest x-ray  (I like to imagine the x-ray machine was infant sized and adorable otherwise the whole thing sounds totally frightening), and facilitated getting things turned around in expert fashion.  The family doctor is amazing and had everything figured out basically upon arrival, but wanted the chest x-ray just to rule out pneumonia completely.  (There’s the health update, Mom).

It was a day that had a big gross frog to be dealt with right off the bat.  It ended with ice cream.  The two pair nicely together.

The real toad in the window well was not eaten.  It has a nice new home.  The bind weed on the other hand…sigh.


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