Steampunk Weekend DIY

After last weekend’s adventures at Denver Comic Con, I am pretty obsessed with the super awesomeness (the technical term) of neat costuming.  Perhaps by next year’s con the whole family will be decked out with steampunk costume goodness.  Most likely the firstborn will want to be something Star Wars related though.  Steampunk Star Wars?  Ideas abound.

This week’s collection of nifty Steampunk-ish DIY projects include a neat spin on goggles, rings that should not be worn, cuffs and  just for kicks a way to use way, way too many chemicals to age copper prematurely.  Like standing in the sun does to skin, but for copper.  Good times.

Baseball Goggles
Not for playing baseball, but actually made of a baseball.  I like the screens over the eyes on this one.  The firstborn has coke-bottle lenses in his glasses, so putting any plastic or glass over his eyes just bends light ever further or bumps against his glasses….generally annoying.  These are really neat though.

How to make a pair of goggles. Steampunk Goggles - Step 2

Hardware Cuff
This is a really neat tutorial that goes into leather work, attaching the rivets and making good use of left over barn door latches?  I don’t know what sort of hinge this is, but it is nifty.

Geode Rings
I’m pretty sure these have to be checked out by security if you wear them to a Con.  Click the picture to go to the website and build yourself a Steampunk wizard character.


Age Copper While Wearing a Mask!

Let’s face it, playing with chemicals is fun.  This is a neat guide on aging bright copper to look like old copper.  Perhaps your con-stume (yep, con costume in one word) needs a plate of tarnished copper armor.  Here’s your guide.

And to my delight, the Steampunk Star Wars idea has a foundation to build on….

And remember, if you need a Steampunk costume idea read my free steampunk book

Happy weekend!


Comments welcome!

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