Have Tardis Will Travel

This summer is going to be full of weekend road trips.  Reunions going on for both sides of the family, a RenFaire far south of us, a trip to Missouri (that I will not be taking part in, but the wife and kids get to see the sights and sounds of Overland Park in July), and back and forths to the Denver Museum and/or Zoo will fill the next few months.  Spending that much time in a car though requires some planning and making good use of space.

I still do not write enough about how amazing my wife is, but hopefully this post will reiterate that she’s pretty much my favorite person.  My wife has taken on the task of stitching together car organizers that will hang from the driver and passenger seats giving the firstborn easy access to his stuff while not cluttering up the floor space of the vehicle.  And when she or I have to sit in the backseat with them everything will be within reach.  Road trips are going to be a breeze thanks to my very motivated and crafty wife.

And to top it all off she’s making one of them out of Exploding Tardis Van Gogh.


She was very kind and let me photograph the process.

I am not a sewing person.  I want to blame it on my fear of needles, but I think it mostly comes from not be able to maintain straight lines.  Watching the process I cannot help but marvel at her ability to not only keep focused, but she draws straight lines with chalk on fabric.  I can’t do that with a pen and a ruler on paper.  She started out with pins and scissors on a Sunday morning when the boys and I were gone and after a few hours of work Sunday night she was basically done as far as I could tell.

I was typing away at some drivel I’m sure while she made pockets.  Now, pockets are an everyday sort of thing.  They are on our jeans, our coats; every where.  They just exist.  But someone has to make them.  My wife made pockets like she was a kangaroo.  I don’t know where that analogy was going.  Big pocket with multiple sections and a little pocket in the middle of the whole dang thing.  I did not see how it worked out, so I can only assume she conjured a spirit to make the sewing machine bend to her will.  A sewing spirit.  Named Sewsan.  Probably.

She’s quite confident in her abilities.  Note the cup of water precariously perched near the end of the table.  A table, I might add, that the baby can now reach the surface of, so that cup of water could have been knocked over at any given moment.  The plan and fabric would have been soaked.  Not the mention the power supply of the sewing machine gone in an instant.  She knows what she’s doing though.  The whole project was picked up at night to prevent the infant from grabbing anything sharp or pulling the sewing machine down on his head.  I don’t think he would have been hurt by such an event, but he would have given it such a look.

 The next night she powered through again.  She walked the halls of Comic Con time and time again that morning, but that was not going to slow her down.  I wrote about being too tired to actually string words together while she stitched velcro and tiny pockets together.  She’s constantly doing that sort of thing; being motivated and getting things done.  It’s exhausting.

Today, while the kids napped she put the finishing touches on the core piece of first car organizer.  She says the edges still need work, but I suspect she has already used the Force to complete that final touch.  Two nights, maybe six hours total, and she’s nerded out our car.  She is awesome.

I think the second one is being constructed from a comic book patterned fabric.  Sitting in the backseat may be a color explosion from here on out and that is a-ok.


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