Pen Caps Are Doomed!

After a weekend at Denver Comic Con, I am exhausted but just need to write something.  A weekend dedicated to the creative pursuits that each of us are capable of is crazy motivating.  All I want to do is finish a chapter, hash out a subplot or write about an airship disaster in the making.  That would be nice, but by golly am I tired.  It was the first day of my wife’s summer break and the kids stayed home.  I went to work though.  In my basement.  Got to listen to them have all sorts of fun and laughs.  Nursed a headache most of the day.  Plenty of excuses to not write.  But the weekend was all about being around people that abandoned excuses and just made it happen.  So I am setting a schedule.  I will write fiction when my eyes stop crossing and I no longer have to double check my spelling of “Musketeer”.  That’s a pretty key word in the steampunk revolution tale I’m working on. Hopefully with a schedule I will finish something instead of moving onto a new project halfway through an existing work.

I am mapping out the ending of that steampunk revolutionary story to hopefully soon begin editing and then publishing the full story.  Davis and May is coming along well and The Gear is moving slowly but surely. The Fletcher Family Problem has just a few chapters left too.  That one is going to end very fun. Everything is coming together swimmingly.  I want an emoticon (that’s what we used to call emojis for all you young-uns) of Mr. Burns’ hands doing his “eeeexxcellent” thing right now.  Writing for villainous purpose sounds incredibly rewarding.

With a revamped motivation to get stuff done and maybe one day possibly get a fancy booth at a Con to peddle my own wares in public, I read a bunch of stuff on “the process”.  Reading about “the process” of writing is horribly boring.  I’m glad that some folks need to eat a bizarre breakfast or go sit in one specific chair in one specific coffee shop.  But the point I am taking away from articles on the writing process and how authors work to get stuff done comes down to “sit down and write, however you get there is up to you.”

So I started thinking on how I write.  I used to write by scribbling in a note book.  My hand writing is awful, just awful, and I was unable to read anything.  Writing on paper also meant I had an excuse to not type it out.  So I switched to just typing everything down.  “Road maps” exist sometimes, but if you’ve read any of the serial fiction I put on the internet it is painfully obvious that first draft is the only draft most of the time.

The key to writing for me is in having a pen near by.  A pen that will be chewed on and broken to bits slowly but surely.  While listening to something loud.  Chew pens, rock out, write.  Watch out pen-caps.  There’s writing to be done.


Comments welcome!

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