Day Three and Boy Are My Arms Tired

When the day basically begins with orange cinnamon rolls and tie fighter wings, something has gone terribly, terribly right.

Lots of pictures coming up.  Sorry, dial-up users.

Day three of the fun at Denver Comic Con was quite awesome.  However, we were lacking one major tool in our arsenal of ways to not be eaten by crowds; a shiny stroller.  In years past, the firstborn rode in this:

This year though the oldest was too big and the youngest too…uncoordinated and small (not a phrase we often say about the wee one) for the Land Speeder.  We were unprepared for the eventuality.  Perhaps it was hubris, the Land Stroller would always be there.  Perhaps it was denial that the kids could ever be that big.  Either way, the Land Speeder had to sit this year out.  It will return next year though for the infant that could be too large by that time.

The shiny stroller works like a dream in clearing a path.  That skill was sorely missed on Saturday and Sunday, so my Dad went to work on a quick solution.  Even the little bit of polish made people take note and help us not destroy their ankles.  It is important for the driving parent to avoid running into people, but sometimes a stroller just goes ignored and people step on it.  In a crowd of thousands, it is obnoxious, but hard to avoid.  The solution? Make the stroller awesome looking and folks will stop stepping on your baby’s wheels.

The baby was unsure of what to think of his sudden status as a Tie Pilot.  All this time he thought he was a good guy.  But, so did the Tie Pilots.  It was hard to tell him this way, but it needed to be done.

My dad cut out some cardboard, rolled it in black paint, had some reflective duct tape laying around because of course he did, and built two mini-Tie Fighters.  It was seriously fun.  The firstborn spent the from the car to the convention center going “pew pew pew” because that is just what you do when piloting a Tie craft.

Crowds were minimal this Memorial Day, so the walk from our parking spot of the last three days (photo to come, big thanks Spot 45!) was mostly full of people that would normally spend a day around the capital.  That is, not nerds.  Two decorated strollers, my mom in her steampunk regalia and my dad with a puppet dragon on his shoulder were looked upon with some bewildered stares.  The looks turned from “whaaaaaa???” to “WHAT!?” as we neared the convention center.  There’s a difference in tone there that does not come through in writing, but trust me WHAT!? is much more welcome.


The two Tie Craft in all their glory.  Simple and fun, and they got the job done.

There’s my dad some how resisting the urge to say “pew pew pew” heading down a ramp.

And this ramp was put through the ringer today.  The firstborn was not a fan of sitting in his stroller once we entered the building.  He was allowed a light saber today.  It came with much discussion and rule setting and he found every possible way to ensure he was getting maximum play time with it.  The lightsaber brought on more fun for him than the Tie Fighter.  Every passing storm trooper paused to test the Jedi, every wandering Jedi made motions to the padawan.  Seriously, Comic-Con is full of the best people.  Some smelly ones too, but all very nice and playful folks.

As for the ramp, the firstborn ran up and down, up and down, up and down and then? You guessed it, up and down.  He even made his granny take him back to the ramp at one point to again run up and down and so forth.

He was asleep five minutes into the car ride home.

He did pause to go inside a Tardis.  The Tardis had mirrors inside to give the appearance being larger on the inside.  It was a little dark inside and combined with his vision problems, he walked in saw a kid in the mirror holding a light saber and said “he has a light saber!” He stepped closer and realized it was a mirror and laughed it off.  He’s a funny kid.

The rest of the day was fast.  Lots of artists both local and indy. I geeked out when we walked by Max friggin’ Brooks at one point (author of World War Z, the amazing book that loaned it’s title to whatever story Brad Pitt’s movie was based on).  I will write more about some of the artists we purchased prints from later.  Picked up a new card game too.  I am trying to convince my wife to start a boardgame club at her school, so, you know, we need more games at home to build the club collection.  Really.  Really that is the only reason.  That the game has a diselpunk setting and runs on RPG elements had nothing to do with it.

The big prize of the day though went to the firstborn.  He was well behaved and polite to a crazy level.  As such, he got his first piece of his Renaissance Fair costume.  A tiny wooden sword that instantly came with the rule of “never, never even pretend to touch a person with this.” He will listen to any rules we throw at him to keep a hold of his new toy.  Just look at that face.  As swords must be named, he gave hi favorite sword the best name he knows; Riptide.


So ended Denver Comic Con 2015 for the Cowlings.  It was a fine year of learning how to survive the growing popularity of the con and learning how to deal with two kids in a sea of faces.  It was also a fine year to find a wonderful parking space.  Spot 45 off Bannock; thanks for a good three days.  We’ll see you next year.


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