Con Day Two

Denver Comic Con Day Two was so much fun. Crowds were managed well, people were nice, costumes fun and again the artists were just mind blowingly talented. 

My wife could not attend with the group today. She was attending her school’s graduation ceremony, sending a new crop of high schoolers into the world. Fun, but no comic con. 

Day two successfully knocked out the infant. No easy feat for this kid. With some help from Granny though, he was sound asleep after lunch.  


He spent the morning watching everything. Deadpools, Spider-men, Doctor Who; he did not let anything out of his sight. Unless he was downing a cheese stick or a bottle, then he was focused on filling on belly. He spent the day being passed between his granny and his uncle. Two people he likes far better than me. He and I did get do a diaper change in the men’s room though on an actual changing table. Good work making that easy convention center!  It was next to one of those air pressure hand dryers though being used by thousands of people. I never thought I would have an opinion on diapering abilities in public places. Today I was quite happy to not change him at a ten-top table or send my mom to do the work. 

The oldest kiddo was also quite happy to go people watching. He zipped around in his stroller and stared. He was happy as could be seeing all the characters from his books and shows come to life. Cosplayers are awesome. At lunch a group of youngsters sat at our table bone of the twenty somethings was dressed as a Templar knight complete with helmet, mail, robe and sword. He sat down and my son went speechless, too excited to even talk to his knightly hero. It was cute. 

Just before leaving my folks took a detour so my brother and I kept the kids busy. 


Busy of course means run the awake one down until he falls asleep standing my view for a good fifteen to twenty was two little spider-man themed fists attack me. I was Electro, a bad guy, and needed to be stopped. It was not my highlight of the day (ouch, my neck was a common phrase), but he was very pleased to show off his super hero powers. 

Day three comes bright and early tomorrow. Very exited and my wife will be joining us again. It was weird for her to not be there, so it wil be nice getting back to normal. 
The whole city of Denver seems to be getting into the festivities. We found this building near by:


As we all know, a broken window simply must have the key card for the next level. Now to get an Assassin to parkour up there and find out….

Maybe tomorrow. 



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