Post Con Dinner Fun


Better than even a day among the fun and joy of a comic con is the end of the day. If Denver Comic Con is all about building community and bringing people together to share in the love of pop culture’s nerdy subset, it worked. It worked terribly well. 

I have not seen my parents in a few months outside of Skype calls and emails. Heading to Denver with them and gawking at incredible and intricate cosplay, wandering artist alley and just being in awe of what these comic artists are capable of, and of course drooling over elaborate gaming tables were all done. And we did it with the kids in tow, so they got to see their grandparents and the ol’ uncle too just be hapy to be doing something fun. It was nice. Plenty of pictures of a laughing four year old and a smiling, yet understated, infant now fill the camera roll. 

After the con.  Rather, after we were all quite drained from being among the mass of revelers and super-hero film fans, we went back to their house and played. It was great. Guitars were strummed.  Pathways ran. Dogs threatened by the tiny and sticky hands of the infant.  It was an afternoon packed of just hanging out and being tired, together. Then came time for dinner…together. 

Growing up there was only one place we ever went to for Chinese food. It was my oldest son’s first foray at a restaurant and tonight it was the first Source of lo me in for the infant. The place has always had neat placemats. The placemats used to go over the Chinese zodiac and we’d sit around talking about year of birth. I was an Ox, my mother a Dragon and my dad and Brother were both Rabbits.  I’m pretty sure these placemats were how I learned to add 12s together. 

Those are long gone now, replaced by blank placemats well suited for drawing. 

My mom did the most grandmotherly thing I have ever seen and pulled not one, but two sets of crayons from her Tardis like purse and set the firstborn loose. And my dad drew with him. 

Some of my favorite mealtime memories are of my dad drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for my brother and I when we were waiting at restaurants. Bulbous heads, bandanas that has to be colored as soon as they were finished or how would we know which Turtle it was? My dad was and is the best artist I know, and tonight he shared that with my oldest kid. 

The moment was pretty incredible. The baby sat next to me half asleep but fully hungry and really displeased with the high chair. That made the moment a bit more “hungry baby wants attention now” than I would have preferred. Really anytime “hungry baby wants attention now” can be avoided is a good moment. 

Day two of Comic Con is coming up fast. It has quite a bit to live up to after today. 


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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