Creative Input


This morning my son asked for breakfast. Not an alarming request in itself, but typically he waits until daycare to eat with his friends. 

“I want banana boats,” he says. The item was introduced to him earlier in the week and he’s now quite fond of them. Probably the chocolate chips, but we’ll ignore the extra sugar in the morning. 

My wife prepped the “boats” (I react poorly to banana so she gets prep work duties when this item is on the menu) and brings them over. 

She then remarks, “Daddy should take a picture and write about your breakfast.”

The kid loves the idea and I have to snap a photo. But only of the banana. I took a photo of him and was promptly told, “no. Dad, just the banana.”

And he pointed at the peanut butter covered goodness on the table. He stared at me, unblinking and eye to eye, very serious about the creative direction the post mommy wanted to take. 

I turned the camera downward and snaped the picture. 

Then tested my luck.  I raised the camera took a blurred photo of the kiddo, and was scolded again.

This time he was serious and leaned on the table to get closer to me. 

“Dad.  Breakfast only. Listen to mommy.”

We’ve been working on listening in the morning and I was so very much not playing by the rules. 

the lean

I enjoy the creative input provided by my family. I really do. Maybe next time I’ll listen more closely.  


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