Lesson One


Kids are smart.  That was a lesson learned early on in parenthood. Every lock or other sort of preventive measure my wife and I used to block a potential action was quickly foiled. 

The firstborn figured out “swipe to unlock” very early on. And his eyes did not work very well for a long time.

Kids are smart. 

Worse, kids like making people laugh. One laugh at something obnoxious and it is all over. 

The photo above was taken after I laughed at how quickly the firstborn figured out how to turn on the flash on my wife’s camera app. I laughed at the baby’s reaction. The picture was taking three or four bright flashes into the firstborn’s photography adventure, but the baby did not lose his look of “dude, come on. Quit it.”

He’s a patient baby and thank goodness for that. 

Lesson one of parenting; try to not laugh. The kid dare’s you. 


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