Turns on a Dime

I wrote about using cooking as a good way to rid oneself of a crummy day earlier. While cooking is certainly my most reliable means of stress relief, I have to share a story of how quickly a day can turn around. 

The baby goes to sleep well before the rest of us. He is not a fan of afternoon naps so when he gets home he’s pretty much just a small human looking for dinner and sleep. He does not know it yet, but he’s imitating adulthood quite well. 

The firstborn always say goodnight and gives his brother a little kiss on the forehead then goes about his evening. Normally that means he heads downstairs to play. Tonight, he was especially tired and just plopped himself on our couch and asked, very quietly, if he could watch a movie until bedtime. His eyes were a deep purple and for him to not be running around is a sign that he’s had his fill of the day. 

We turn on Jake and the Neverland Pirates and pretty much phase out. I finish up the cooking post, he counts doubloons with the mini pirate, all is well. His mom comes downstairs after feeding the baby and we all start counting treasure coins together. 

Beside us sits the baby monitor, giving off its green glow and low constant hum. The baby is still settling so he’s thumping around. The monitor flashes and sends the sound of movement in the nursery down to us. 

Concerned for his brother, the firstborn looks to the monitor and says, “I hear you, brother.” And the kisses the monitor. 

On the list of adorable ways to end the day, that ranks right up there. My waive was quick with a camera too. She has a sixth sense for approaching cute moments. 


We’ll tell him later the monitor only goes one way.  


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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