Cut, Smash and Burn: The Fun of Cooking

You know those days where every single thing in the world is annoying?  Like most parents, I spend most of my time being ignored by the beings I feed and clothe.  That’s pretty annoying.  At work, I get calls from people that only hear what they want and if I say something different they twist my words to fit their need.  That’s pretty annoying.  On days where both of those factors collide I am pretty miserable to be around.  My wife calls it “pissy”, the mood that comes from hours of being annoyed at everything and doing nothing but spinning tires, for lack of a better term.

So I am working on coping mechanisms for days that I spend muttering obscenities to myself.  My preferred stress relief is cooking.  I get to cut stuff with huge knives, smash it down using quickly rotating blades in a processor and then set it all on fire.  That’s metal.  Today on my lunch break I made over-sized ravioli.  As I shaped the dough, cut it, rolled it through the pasta maker and readied it for the cheese goop mix (technical term) I played a Vivaldi station on Pandora.  Between the knives, the chaos of making an egg dough and the soft viola filling the room I felt like a villain of a Joss Whedon movie executing some evil plot.

You want to talk about cathartic experiences, this is at the top of list of my list of examples.

I love cooking my with oldest son.  He is curious and helpful and fun to be around.  But when he’s around there needs to be a level of care of safety that is just no fun after a long day.  For an egg dough, the combo of salt, water, egg and flour needs to get messy.  One day when the kids have stopped elbowing glasses of milk off the dining room table because they forgot it was there, I will be more than happy to have them around the big knives and crazy heavy mortar and pestle.  Until that day comes, I am going to release some stress by quite literally beating some eggs.


The whole process of making a egg noodle dough was thought up by a super villain. From start to finish it is about bending the elements to fit your vision. Whip everything together and the run it through a press to bring to its final form. Today the goal was oversized ravioli to be covered in a shrimp scampi-ish sauce and pepperoni. Eating at home does not have to the healthy option. 

The fun of cooking is shockingly violent. And after a day, even just a morning really, of utter frustration sometimes fire and knives are very needed. 

Onward! To Wednesday! Oh goodness it is only Tuesday. I have some meal planning to do. 


Comments welcome!

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