Gardening in the Rain

As a steampunk enthusiast, I am very pleased with the domed raised garden beds that house our garden.  It’s like having novelty sized pith helmets in our back yard and it is awesome.

The garden beds are finally put together thanks to the very helpful hand of a good friend.  The beds have a nice little green house-esque canopy that keeps water in and circulating, while keeping the rather plentiful early May rains out.  Seeds have been planted and the already growing seeds (seedlings? plants? I think they’re just plants now.  Anything with a leaf is a plant.  The world is that simple, right?) have been transplanted.  The season should be pretty fun. And better yet, should actually yield something.

The rain continued today, but there was work to be done.  The words outside, rain, dig and dirt in any combination are going to get the firstborn excited about life.  If ever there was a reason to have a garden, distracting children is certainly a good one.  He wanted to see the progress made and show off the pea seeds he had planted.  I had to clarify that he had actually planted seeds, and not just….well, you know.

The domes are actually a very neat design my wife put together.  The boxes are full of one foot by one foot squares to denote where seeds should go and really made the planning process a breeze.  In the corners of the box, pvc is attached by a couple of screws.  Those wee bits of pvc hold tube leftover from our years of monthly sprinkler system repair that is now mostly in check.  The ends of the tubes rest inside and sit deep enough that not even Northern Colorado winds can rip them out.  Of course, now my hubris will be met with high winds and the covered domes will be found a block away.  The tarp is held on by more sprinkler hose clamped around the tubes.  All materials we had in the house, so huzzah for upcycling!  Or just being too lazy to dispose of garbage.  Perspective.

The domes come on and off with ease, which is nice because with two kids running around the back yard one of the adults will pretty much always have to replace them solo.

Tonight we were doing garden work in a very light rain.  Coats and hats needed, but really nothing major.  The firstborn ran around like a mad man, pausing only to make sure someone was watching his antics.  In one such moment of antic watching, the baby struck.  He crawls like a small Usain Bolt and loves the feel of grass.  So he was sitting at my feet, well protected from the slight rain but still able to play in the grass.  I am fairly certain he and the firstborn plotted this move, but the firstborn asks for my attention and as soon as I look away the baby darts for the dirt not yet planted in (holding off on the third box for later crops) and goes crazy.

There’s a smile that he gets from time to time that will only cause trouble for me in the future.  He looked up with a hand full of dirt, shot the smile-that-allows-all-actions and he got to play in the mud.

He’s going to love the garden.


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