Steampunk Weekend DIY

Oh the weekend could not arrive soon enough.  Any one else just go through what amounted to be a very, very long week?

I know what will help.  Making stuff.

And if that doesn’t help, make stuff and then destroy it?  I mean, that can’t be the healthiest outlet, but you do you.  Or something.  Intros are hard.

This week’s projects include Risk, things to do with old water bottles, ways to upgrade door knobs (more exciting than it sounds, really) and one special video project.

Ocean in a Bottle
This wonderful project is billed as a calming activity for kids.  Good stuff.  Put colored water in a bottle, add some shells and watch the waves.  I saw it and thought, “add a lego ship and octopus and see the carnage of the seas!”  My kids will not too be fond of the ocean I think.  The project lay out is very well done too.  Click the picture for more.

Engraved Risk Board
Have a coffee table that is just “meh”?  Wage Napoleonic War on that thing!  I don’t like Risk myself.  If I want to ruin a friendship I’ll just send daily Facebook pokes, thank you.  However, the premise is neat.  The Napoleonic era is a bit before the standard Victorian setting of the steampunk world, but with some neat minis and a rules update, Steampunk Risk at dinner could be a ton of fun.  And if nothing else, you can learn out dated geography from the table.

Of course you could spend your weekend developing Steampunk Risk.  Does it exist yet? I would play the crud out of that.  Friendships be warned!


Steampunk Your Door Knobs!
I look at far too many tutorials.  Well, can there ever “too many”? I don’t think so.  This is one of the best project layouts I have ever seen.  The idea is fun enough, but the plans presented by the blog are just astounding.  Please click through just to see the wonderful effort put into the making the project as easy as possible.

The Octopith
A while back one of these DIY posts the wonderful blogger at For Whom the Gear Turns  (please visit the page, an immense talent and far more entertaining than anything I have ever done here) wrote a comment on the post about a man at a con wearing a pith helmet with an octopus on it.  The Octopith.  Puns and Steampunk are two of my favorite things, so of course I fell in love with the idea.  Today fortune smiled and this video tutorial showed up in my search of projects.  It had to be added.  I’m thinking one of these crazy pith helmets and I are heading to Anomaly Con next year.  The firstborn will of course be terrified of it as octopus are only good at destroying lego ships; a lesson learned above.

Rambling. Here’s the video:

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